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Transport and logistics company Artis Logistics

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Our Advantages

Favorable rates

We arrange delivery by various modes of transport at affordable prices. Special offers are available for regular customers and large customers.

Always in touch

A personal manager will work with you. You can contact them at any time during business hours and clarify where the cargo is located.

Control at all stages

From the moment you call until after your shipment reaches its final destination, you can trust us to arrange everything. We have an extensive network of representative offices.

Highly qualified employees

Our employees are specialists with more than 10 years of experience in international logistics.

Urgent delivery

We have direct agreements with a number of airlines. It makes delivery as fast as possible.

Cargo insurance

In case of damage or loss of cargo, you will receive a compensation according to the Air Code of the Russian Federation.

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Stages of cooperation


Leave your request on the website or by giving us a call


We will clarify all the details and make calculations


We agree on the terms and costs. Then, enter into a contract


We issue an invoice for you, and receive a payment


We pick up
your cargo.


We send the cargo to the destination and also take it through customs


The recipient gets the cargo and all related documents

Air transportation destinations

Our company has the opportunity to offer you a fairly wide range of transportation and support services. One call is enough, and we will assist you in matters of air and ground cargo transportation.

By modern standards, air cargo transportation is usually classified by cargo category, direction and type of loading:

  • general cargo air transportation, i.e. transportation that involves one customer (the owner of the transported cargo) and a specific destination.-
  • associated cargo air transportation involves the use of free transport following in the same direction as the cargo. This type of transportation has a clear advantage over the others – low cost.
  • combined cargo air transportation is when the goods of various customers are assembled in a warehouse into a common cargo and sent as the required quantity accumulates. It is a very common method of transportation.
  • In addition to the above categories, there is a classification of special cargoes (perishable, dangerous, radioactive, animals, etc.), with which we also successfully work.

Air transportation and cargo, in particular, are regulated by a number of regulatory documents – these are documents of state regulation of aviation, aviation rules in force at the federal level and domestic rules for the carriage of passengers and cargo transportation.

International air cargo transportation through the airspace implies the mandatory passage of all customs procedures. The concept of customs procedures includes both the declaration of cargo and the payment of all necessary fees (such payments include excise duty, value added tax, duty).

There are also indirect payments for international air cargo transportation. These include fees for issuing licenses, a qualification certificate, storing goods in a customs warehouse and transporting them.

We are ready to help our customers with solving any problem that may arise during the transportation of cargo. Over the years, we have accumulated vast experience in the field of international and domestic air transportation. Our staff are professionals with more than ten years of experience in this field.

The presence of direct agency agreements with the largest Russian airlines, as well as with a number of major foreign air carriers, allows us to provide our customers with favorable tariffs for all types of transportation and for other services provided by us.

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